Conceived in Mumbai's Dharavi slum in February 2009, Project Front Foot is a Kit 4 Kids campaign in two distinct phases: the first to publicise the project and collect cast-off, out-grown and second-hand cricket kit and equipment in the UK; the second to get the kit to Mumbai and then set up and run a series of coaching clinics for the slum children.

With the support of British Airways we have, since the autumn of 2009, been able to take in excess of 1000 kilos of kit to Mumbai and beyond. Soon after arriving with our first consignment we secured the use of the Indian Gymkhana Ground at King's Circle. Our coaching classes with the Dharavi children started in early November 2009.

Our co-partners in Mumbai, the NGO Reality Gives and the travel company Reality Tours & Travel, fund and run the Dharavi Community Centre providing a wide range of activities for the children including English and computer classes. The cricket coaching now comes under the umbrella of activities offered to the Dharavi children.

As diverse and extreme an experience as India is, cricket above everything else remains a constant unifying and uplifting factor; evidence this by the sheer volume of impromptu games that take place in Dharavi's streets, alleyways and on what waste ground that exists. Our aim in providing kit and coaching is to add a little quality and joy to lives that have precious little.

  • Blue Frog Studios
  • British Airwaves
  • Jet Airways
  • Reality Tours & Travel
  • St. Michael & All Angels Church
  • MKK Sports
  • Clubsport
  • Todds AC